I’ve been working on a number of paintings, getting ready for my solo exhibit at Duane Reed Gallery.  Duane Reed is located in the Central West End of St. Louis at 4729 McPherson Ave. It’s quite a beautiful section of town, a very historic feel, very pedestrian. The reception is the evening of November 15th and the show will run through January. Continuing my Echo series, I will be exhibiting six paintings. All but one of the paintings are done in multiple panels.  Three of the paintings are designed in such a way to cross over with my Serendipity series, such that the paintings can be broken up. This is the first time I have created Echo paintings in which the individual panels from the paintings can be sold as complete paintings.

Here is one of the pieces, composed of three 8 foot by 1 foot panels where each panel can be sold individually.


Echo XXXIII oil on canvas 96″ x 36″

And here is another one which can be sold as either one or two paintings…


Echo XXXIV oil on canvas 72″ x 60″