Goodbye to My Hero

November 7, 2012

My father’s last words to me were, “I don’t like this, Jill.”  He struggled so hard just to say that.  I held his hand and told him I couldn’t even imagine.  His last words to my children were, “I love you.” Back in March I had plans to fly...

My Biggest Painting to Date

October 31, 2011

Usually, after I’ve been painting for an exhibition, I will complete the body of work, get it delivered, attend the reception, then I go through the, “post show blues.”  It seems to be a normal experience for artists, at least the ones I know.  So much energy goes into...

A Summer of Commissions

September 26, 2011

I can’t believe that the summer just flew by as fast as it did.  The kids have been back in school for over a month and I’ve been working hard to get my routine down.  I was standing in line this morning at Garden District Coffee and, with a...

My Tropical Paradise or Rain Rain Rain

July 29, 2011

It’s been a while since I have last posted.  In the interim my husband and I, along with our boys have moved to Baton Rouge, Louisiana as my husband has accepted the job of Tax Professor at the LSU School of Law.  After the first week that we moved...

Limes 48 x 20

March 7, 2011

Here is another painting I recently finished.  I am so in love with the reflections of the shadows of the branches. Limes 48″x20″ at Melissa Morgan Fine Art in Palm Desert, CA