Painting of a Lime

Here is the finished product of the painting of the lime.  This piece measures 30″ x 30″ and was inspired by a jar of branches on a wall shelf in a Belgian restaurant.

30″ x 30″
Oil on Panel

My Orchid Collection

Orchids are definitely one of my favorite subjects to interpret.  The flowers are so beautiful and so delicate, the colors so varied.  It’s been funny and also quite an obligation as my orchid collection has grown from just a few to eight plants now.  Watering these babies has really become somewhat of a chore.  I would not call myself lazy by any means, but being a mom, I tend to attend to things that are on the front burner.  Orchids don’t nag for water very often, and fortunately for me, they are pretty darn hardy and don’t seem to mind the fact that they get ignored an awful lot.

Sometimes I’m inspired by an orchid’s color and I just have to have it to paint.  Other times I have had requests to paint certain color flowers.  I have lots of white orchid plants as I’ve had many a commission for white orchids.  I have two that make beautiful purple flowers, one is yellow with a purple center (very LSU, geaux Tigers!) and one that is just an exquisite lavenderish pink (which I’m happy to say is going to bloom in the next couple months!).

Here’s a couple of pictures of what has become my orchid table.  These guys really seem to like it in my studio.  They get tons of natural light as my windows face North.  The morning light shines bright on them and then it’s just reflected light all afternoon.  As long as I remember to water them about once a week, these babies bloom bloom bloom, so pretty.  Not sure what I’m going to do with them when I move to Louisiana.  I wonder if there’s an orchid rescue?…

A Peak Into the Future

My husband and I went out on a “date” last Saturday night to celebrate our 14th anniversary.  We went to a Belgian restaurant with a really bizarre name, Mannequin Pis.  From what I understand, this is a famous statue in Belgium, interesting…

Well, aside from the fact that the food was actually very good and the decor was quite nice, there was this vase with a bunch of branches in it on a shelf against the wall.  A nice little decorating touch for the restaurant, but an inspiration for me.  There was light was fixed on it in such a way that it cast the most beautiful shadows, shadows that would go in and out of focus like a hazy memory.  As soon as I got to the studio today, I grabbed up some dead branches and placed them just so for this photograph which will be my next painting.  A look into the future.

Pears to Apples

Okay, I’m definitely one to not beat a dead horse.  I was working on a large piece, 108″ x 36″.  The composition was of yellowish pears.  I laid in the drawing and got to work.  The piece was coming along okay, but something about it was bugging me.  It just wasn’t right.  The composition didn’t feel strong enough to really carry and make a statement.  So after looking at it for days and days, I decided to paint over it.  I went out and purchased some McIntosh apples, which I think are totally cute to paint because they’re so fat and round, and got to work.  I think the end result made the decision a good one.  This piece can be sold as one, two, or three separate paintings as each panel can stand independently of the others.

McIntosh Apples
Oil on 3 panels 108″x36″

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to everyone 🙂  Okay, so it’s been a little bit since I last posted.  A lot has happened since I last posted!  I’ve finished a few paintings in my still life series.  Most of these pieces are destined for Melissa Morgan Fine Art out in Palm Desert, California.

The horizontal McIntosh Apples 48″x12″ was actually painted for my husband.  He just recently accepted a job as an Assistant Professor of Law at the LSU Law school.  We will be moving down to Baton Rouge this summer.  I thought it would be nice to give “apples” to the teacher, and he would have something nice to hang in his office.  I’m so proud of Phil!!!  Now I’ve got to find good schools for my boys in Baton Rouge.